Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Style Icons

Someone who is called a "style icon" can be from any walk of life. You don't have to be in high society to be a style icon.
I've walked in so many big cities and gotten inspiration for fashion from people who don't even realize that in their own way they have had an impact on how I view fashion.
Let's take a look at a classic example of fashion and how it can be inspiring:

This is the perfect example of how good fashion is ageless. Trends can come and go but if you buy pieces like these they'll never go out of style.
First off the pearls. Pearls can be worn in many different ways in varying degrees of success when it comes to making them fashionable. Every woman should own pearls for this simple fact: They are beautiful and elegant without looking too flashy or over the top. The best way to wear pearls is with a beautiful dress of about knee length. Pearls can go with basically any color but are preferable with black, pink, or blue. They can also be worn with a dressier shirt and dress pants but this look is less formal and should not be used for an event where you want to fully impress.
Next up I know will probably divide people... Elbow length gloves. I know some people don't like these type of gloves and to that I say if it's not your style move on. Don't force something that isn't your personality just to "do it" it will come off as contrived and most likely you'll feel self conscience. I personally love a woman in elbow length white or black gloves. Colors on elbow length gloves should be avoided or it might come off as too 1980's. White or black gloves are the timeless options. They give a certain femininity and sexiness while covering up. Just make sure to avoid any that look shiny or it will come off as dominatrix.
The dress I think everyone can agree on is simply gorgeous. The color is a beautiful muted pink with a bow in the middle which serves many purposes. First off it defines the waist. If your dress doesn't have this an easy substitute is a belt in a neutral color (black or white for the most part.) It also acts to add a certain feminine flair to the dress. Again if you want this feminine flair pick a basic belt with maybe a flower design on the clip as this can give the same effect. Just avoid any belts that look western or colors that don't match your dress. Remember dress first then accessories. The best part of this dress for me is what it doesn't show. Any woman can dress like a prostitute but it's the women who dress like ladies that stand out. No man wants to take a woman that could be on mud flaps home to meet Mom. Less is more always.
Finally the hair cut. Above the shoulder with a little bit of volume works for almost any face shape and with very loose waves on the end adds that extra something to the look.
Remember style icons can teach us much and one of the most important lessons is that not every trend or fashion that looks good on someone else will look good on you and that's okay. It's about finding pieces and ideas you like and slowly incorporating them into your life to define who you are on the inside.

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