Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Okay I have an addiction...

If you know me you know that I love fashion. More specifically I have a certain addiction in fashion... Sunglasses. I can't ever have enough pairs of sunglasses. I love the way someone can be transformed in the matter of 5 seconds. I can't tell you how many times I've overhauled a complete outfit just because I wanted to wear a specific pair of sunglasses. I sometimes feel like a parent to my sunglasses and no matter how hard I try I have my favorites. I think I have somewhere around 30 pairs of designer sunglasses which I know is extreme. I write it off as just a little here just a little there. Probably at the end of my life my friends wont be fighting over money from me they'll be fighting over my sunglasses. I've actually already had a few that have said to me "Hey if you die can I have that pair?" Yeah I know I have lovely friends. Anyway like I said earlier I have my favorites and here they are:

These need almost no introduction but I will still give them an intro. They are Ray-Ban Aviators but more importantly they are different from your run of the mill Ray-Ban Aviators. Why? If you notice most have more of a tear drop shape as seen here:

Why I prefer the more rounded and less tear dropped version of the aviators is because for people like me that prefer a fuller sunglass they add more coverage and give the Aviator a modern feel versus a retro look with the tear drop version. Believe me I think both are great but for my face type I prefer the rounded version teardrop can sometimes look weird on me. It really depends on what you feel suits your face though.

The second pair of sunglasses I can't live without is another pair of Ray-Ban's called The Wayfarer. It sometimes might be overplayed but I still love being able to throw on a pair of Wayfarers. The important thing for me though is to get the bigger Wayfarer's. There are a couple different variations on the Wayfarer but I prefer the black, wider more classic version.

 I have a pair in white but they are smaller and I can feel them squeezing the sides of my head... Not fun.

Those are really the two pairs I can't live without. I'll update with more of my sunglasses soon.

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